Five Day Challenge: Visual Management

Give us five days to unlock productivity gains of up to 40% while improving communication and reducing rework.  

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How It Works

Each day of the challenge brings new insights and actionable steps. From crafting your first Kanban board to measuring workflow metrics, you'll gain hands-on experience and valuable knowledge. Get ready to transform your approach to marketing work management. 

Each day delivers 30-45 minutes of learning, delivered when and where you want it.

Nuggets of Insight

Short, engaging videos introduce key concepts and tools to enhance your workflow

Outcome-focused Activities

Gain hands-on experience with visual workflow management, including designing, building, and using a Kanban board customized to your workflow.

Real World Scenarios

Apply what you've learned through practical scenarios that mimic real-life marketing challenges

Reflection and Peer Sharing

Reflection exercises encourage you to think critically about the learning. Sharing your journey provides feedback and insights.

Course Lessons

Frequently asked questions

Who's This Course For?

Any marketer who has ever felt like they have more work to do than they can handle.

Any marketer who wants to improve their productivity, get control of their work, and improve communication and collaboration with others.

Is this an Agile Course?

Although we draw on concepts from Agile, Lean, Customer Centricity, Design Thinking, and methodologies such as Kanban, Scrum and Scrumban, this is not an Agile course. We don't teach any specific methodology; instead, we focus on helping marketers get more control over their work through visualization.

I'd Love to Get this Course for my Team

If you have 3 or more people, contact us at Tell us how many people you need to train, whether you want totally independent learners or if you want to learn as a cohort, and whether you need to incorporate the training materials as part of your internal learning management system.

Will I get a Certificate of Completion?

No. You should check out our certificate courses or our digital badges.

Do You Have a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes. If for any reason, you're not satisfied with the course, contact us within 72-hours of purchase and we'll refund your money.
If you haven't already, check out the learning from the Agile Marketing Alliance. It is too good not to share!
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Loved the learning content! Well structured, thoughtful and very valuable.
— Elizabeth
Thank you Agile Marketing Alliance for consistently posting such great learning content. 
— Maite

Created by

Jim Ewel and Melissa Reeve

Agile and Workflow Management Experts
Jim and Melissa are the co-founders of the Agile Marketing Alliance and have co-designed this course.